Reasons Why Your Mac Has Slowed Down


Have you noticed that your mac – be it imac, macbook etc, has become slower and slower over the years since you bought it?

Unfortunately, this is just the way it goes and in order to fix it, you’ll have to resort to some drastic measures like changing up your HDD or adding more memory but there are some quick fixes you might find that may be able to help.

Have a look at the quick and simple tips below:

  • Do you have a virus or any other kind of malware installed on your mac? Can you be completely sure? Run a scan and find out for certain. I recommend Avast Security for macs as it’s light and doesn’t slow macs down, is totally free of charge, and highly effective, in my honest opinion.
  • Shut down or at least restart your mac each day. This often, drastically speeds up operation.
  • Delete redundant files. Image and video files are typically huge and take up a lot of valuable memory so get rid of the ones you don’t need by deleting them or moving them all onto a USB or other external HD.
  • Get shot of the programs you rarely use or don’t use at all. What’s the point in keeping them? Programs can also take up huge amounts of disk space. The larger the program, the more disk space taken so go through your list of programs and take a look at what can be chucked and go ahead with it.
  • Delete redundant language files – yes, every single mac has these and they take up a fair amount of space!
  • Keep you mac cool! This will be trickier to achieve in warmer climates but very worth it as this will definitely help with processing speed.
  • If all of the above fails, have a search online for some further tips on cleaning up your HDD or how else you can speed up your processing speed.
  • Only resort to changing your HDD or adding more memory if you find that the above points fail to help significantly! 😀


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